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On November 15, 2003 William Claxton photographed Paul Cacia.

For more than half a century William Claxton has documented, through the art of photography, the most significant artist's of the last century, his photograph's have become icon's in their own time.

To learn and see more of Claxton's photos click here: William Claxton ______________________________________


KLON Radio (Long Beach, CA) - Chuck Niles Interview with Pete Rugolo & Paul Cacia, Nov. 28, 1990
Chuck Niles was more than L.A.'s leading jazz DJ for more than 40 years -- he was the music's heart and soul.
Jazz Player Radio - Jake Sommers Interview with Paul Cacia, Oct. 4, 2005 (it was a great internet radio station for trumpet players, no longer in service)
KWXY 98.6 FM Radio (Palm Springs)- Scott Ellsworth (Scott's Place) Interview with Paul Cacia, Aug. 5, 2006
Scott Ellsworth has interviewed the most prominent people in jazz since the 1960's, the chart "Scott's Place" was written by Sammy Nestico in his honor.

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