The Signature Model
Leading EDGE
Trumpet & Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


The Cacia Signature Model trumpet mouthpiece is a custom mouthpiece designed for the modern player, whose demands include solo, upper register work, and lead playing. Designed, developed and played by Paul Cacia, these mouthpieces are manufactured by Zig Kanstul, with digital accuracy that could not have been achieved in the past. The Signature Model mouthpiece features the Leading Edge rim, which provides maximum displacement for facial comfort and endurance, providing proper air stream alignment and roll prevention. It creates the perfect set with proper placement every time from low C to double high C. The rim contour is flat, the cup is medium shallow, with a cup diameter of .660.
The Cacia Signature Model flugelhorn mouthpiece features the same Leading Edge rim as the trumpet mouthpiece with a semi-V shaped cup, for a beautiful recording sound throughout the entire register. Imagine a matched set, trumpet and flugelhorn mouthpieces with the same cup diameter and rim without the time and expense of experimentation. The mouthpieces are available in
, or in gold by request.
The new Cacia Signature Model * flugelhorn mouthpiece This new model features a little more rounded rim and no outside edge, with a semi-V shaped cup, creating more flexibility throughout the entire register of the instrument.
Trumpet Mouthpiece - Silver $150.00  
Flugelhorn Mouthpiece - Silver $135.00
FL MP - New * Model - Silver $135.00
Flugelhorn Mouthpiece -Gold $195.00

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