The Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton Sessions

The Alumni Tribute to Stan Kenton was produced by Paul Cacia and featured him in one of the greatest trumpet solo's "What's New", the album also includes the hit recording "Kenton In Portrait", a heartfelt tribute to Stan Kenton, the album features the last time so many Kenton greats gathered in the studio for one last time.


Paul Cacia
Bill Russo
Shorty Rogers
Pete Rugolo
Lee Konitz
June Christy
Laurindo Almeida
Carl Fontana
Bob Fitzpatrick
George Roberts
Bob Cooper
Dick Shearer
Jack Sheldon
Buddy Childers
Milt Bernhart
Shelly Manne
George Wielder
Mort Sahl
Roy Wiegan
Bill Russo & Paul Cacia
Paul Cacia
Paul Cacia, Bob Fitzpatrick
& Bill Russo
Terry Jennings
Terry Jennings & Paul Cacia
Terry Jennings
Lee Konitz & Paul Cacia
Lee Konitz
Lee Konitz & Paul Cacia
Pete Rugolo
Paul Cacia
Pete Rugolo & Paul Cacia
Carl Fontana & Paul Cacia
Bob Fitzpatrick, Paul Cacia
& Bill Russo
Carl Fontana & Paul Cacia
Pete Rugolo
Jerry McKenzie
Paul Cacia
Paul Cacia
Pete Rugolo & Paul Cacia
Paul Cacia
Paul Cacia
Pete Rugolo & Mort Sahl
Pete Rugolo & Paul Cacia


"The Alumni Tribute To Stan Kenton"

Paul Cacia

Trumpet Artist

Producer - Conductor - Master Mixdown Engineer

The Composers & Conductors

Pete Rugolo, Shorty Rogers, William Russo

Posthumus Arrangers

Johnny Richards, Willie Maiden, Bob Graettinger
Joe Coccia, Stan Kenton

The Guest Stars

Laurindo Almeida, June Christy, Lee Konitz
Jack Sheldon, Carl Fontana, Bob Cooper, Bob Gioba
Ray Reed, Buddy Childers, Dalton Smith
Milt Bernhart, Bob Fitzpatrick, Dick Shearer, George Roberts

The Modern Studio Masters

The Trumpet Section

Charlie Davis, Walt Johnson, Wayne Bergerson,
George Graham, and Joe Davis

The Trombone Section

Dick Shearer, Bob Fitzpatrick, Gary Tole
Rich Bullock, and Mike Wimberely


Jim Self

The Horn Section

Jim Avery and Nathan Campbell

The Sax Section

Ray Reed, Dr. Ruben Leon
Dr. Thom Mason, Phil Feather and Jim Quam

The String Section

Concert Master - Bill Henderson
Violin - Vanessa Kibbe, Susan Chatmar, Pamels Henderson, Jimbo Ross
Viola - Arthur Zadinsky, Terence Glenny
Cello - Matthew Cooker, Kevin Torfeh

The Rythm Section

Piano - Alex Galvan, Bass - Roger Spencer / Dave Stone Guitar - Peter Woodford
Drums - Jerry McKenzie / Gregg Fields / Dave Marks
Percussion - Brad Dutz

The Guest Soloists

Sydney Lehmen, Dr. Jack Wheaton and Roy Wiegand

Special Participants

Mike Angelos, Louise Baptist, Tom Barrett, Gary Bueschart, Eric Byak,
Tony Candella, Steve Cannon, Dan Gotschall, Reese Henson, Karen Kinnier,
Joe Mericle, Pierre Michelou, Mike Pacheco, Mike Price,
John Sandhagen, Mike Snyder, John Madrid,
Joe Marcinkiewicz


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