~ Paul Cacia Equipment ~

1966 - His first trumpet was an Olds Ambassador that he got from the Olds factory from Zig Kanstul.

1971 - Played on a Conn 60B, bought from Bud Brisbois.

1972 - As a sophmore in high school, and taking lessons from Claude Gordon, he bought a Benge CG trumpet from Claude.

1983 - Worked on a prototype horn (Brevette) with Zig Kanstul and Besson.

1984 - Endorsed the Brevette trumpet and recorded "Quantum Leap" with it.

1987 - Recorded "Alumni Tribute" and "What's New" with the Brevette horn.

1989 - Played a Marcinkiewicz trumpet.

2000 - Went back to playing a CG Benge trumpet.

2004 - Worked on a prototype (Cacia Model) with Zig Kanstul.

2006 - Finished the Cacia Model Trumpet, and currently plays it.

~ Paul Cacia Mouthpiece History~

1966 - Started on a Olds #3 that came with the trumpet.

From there I played on:
Bach 7C
Bach 5C
Bach 3C
Bach 1 1/4 C with a full Schmidt backbore, #19 drill, skeletonized, with a
Morse taper.

Schilke 13A4a, one of the first 3 made, bought from Mike Vax. (this Schilke is
different from the one that was mass produced)

Bob Reeves model mouthpiece's, multiple mouthpiece's with screw rims
and different bottoms. (they ended up in the American River in Sacramento)

I finally chose the Schilke 13A4a to play regularly.

1984 - Marcinkiewicz made a copy of that Schilke, a prototype, which I played until 2005.
bbbbb(different from the one that was mass produced by Marcinkiewicz)

2005 - I currently play the Cacia Model mouthpiece.

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